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Rollerman is a platform game at heart with a few quirky levels thrown in.

All the levels have been carefully created to present a fun & addictive challenge. You'll have hours of fun trying to master each one.

Rollerman has simple intuitive controls.
(just swipe to move Rollerman and tap to make him jump)
This allows you to concentrate on finding the correct route and mastering the timing.

The aim on each level is to collect 5 balloons in order to unlock the exit. Sounds simple, but there are a few things trying to get in your way and you only have a limited supply of oxygen so don't take too long.

There are additional Rollerman coins to collect on each level, so a level is not truly completed unless you have collected all 5 balloons and all of the coins.

There are subtle differences to the levels which give 3 tiers of difficulty:
Achievable by most
With a little practice
Mastered the easy level?
Give this a try
Hard should mean hard
You have been warned!

Have fun!

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